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About Us

Authentic. Professional. Dependable.

At Attigo we have used our experience of working in the public and third sector for over 20 years to create coaching and training programmes and facilitation techniques that give you, your teams and your organisations what you need to thrive. 

What is coaching?
Supporting you to be your best you

Attigo's specialist areas:
  • Coaching clinicians -  including GPs, nurses, occupational therapists and public health experts
  • Coaching people working in healthcare -  including directors, managers, heads of service, social prescibers and link workers

  • Coaching people working in the community & voluntary sector - including chief executives

  • Integrity Coaching - for anyone who wants to ensure they are staying true to their values  

  • Personal performance coaching – for anyone who wants time and space to reflect, think and plan so that they achieve the things that matter 

  • Leadership coaching and training – for anyone in or aspiring to be in a leadership role 

  • Creating safe spaces for people to be together, through facilitating gatherings, meetings and events 

  • DISC behavioural profiling – so people understand themselves and others at a deeper level so that relationships thrive 

  • Leadership skills assessment – so people know how to tap into their strengths 

  • Action Learning Set facilitation and training – bringing small groups together in confidential spaces, to share, learn and move forward  

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