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About Kristi
Hello and welcome to Attigo. I’m Kristi, Founder of Attigo and here I’ve written a bit about me, with the hope that what I say resonates with you. 

It's taken me many years to understand, make sense of and accept my life journey so far. I now realise and appreciate that my experiences have led me to becoming the person I am. I have used what I know about how to navigate through life, coupled with my instinctive ability to naturally empower people to perform at their best, to become a coach, trainer and facilitator. I only work with people who want to contribute in some way to making our society a better place. Without having my coach, I wouldn't be where I am now. 

How did I get here? I was a young carer for my dad from the age of seven and knew from an early age that I wanted to contribute towards building a society where people are empowered to make choices. For 20 years I worked for a number of national healthcare organisations, including NHS England and the Royal College of GPs,  managing, leading and coaching medical and non-medical professionals. The theme that ran through my career was that I was a natural listener and people-developer. I thrived when others thrived. In 2015 I founded Attigo Coaching and Development and haven't looked back!
My experience of working with hundreds of medical professionals, healthcare teams, social workers, citizens and leaders, led me to understand that listening is the most powerful gift we can offer people working in our ever-stretched health, social care and voluntary and community sectors. Listening is the foundation of coaching. Coaching empowers people to confront challenges, think innovatively and work out their own solutions. Coaching is the foundation for my training programmes and facilitation techniques, as I am endlessly in awe of the life-changing impact it can have. 
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