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Here's what others say about Attigo

Colin 1


Localities Officer, Public Health
Suffolk County Council

I cannot speak highly enough of the positive impact Kristi has had upon me since I was fortunate enough to have her allocated as my coach via the LEHC (Leadership in Empowering Healthy Communities) course. Kristi has a wonderful blend of skills, experience and knowledge that instils absolute confidence in her. Allied to her ability to engage, relax and genuinely enthuse through her interactions with you, it adds up to a perfect package and everything you could want in a coach. Kristi will challenge you and enable you to fully explore yourself, your feelings, your motivations and your doubts in enabling you to determine your own best pathway. I have since asked Kristi to provide coaching to my colleagues and now not only are they benefitting individually but we are as a team too.



Director of Care
Noah's Ark Children's Hospice

Kristi has had and continues to have one of the biggest impacts I have ever experienced in my professional career. Kristi has exceptional abilities in listening, and always hears exactly what is trying to be communicated without the words being said. Since starting coaching with Kristi, team communication, understanding of self and of each other and confidence has grown. Kristi is extremely professional, whilst being warm and approachable. Kristi has ... exceptional feedback and results from everybody she has worked with. I sincerely recommended Attigo Coaching and Development Ltd and would be more than willing to speak to anybody who might be interested in having Kristi work alongside their charity or organisation.

Emma Clarke

Don't think coaching is for you? Think again!

In just over an hour with Kristi you will become unstuck, see options and opportunities and be able to take tangible steps forward. Whatever they may be. Her insight and focus gets the best from me every time. She maybe small but she is mighty - and can help you to feel the same.

Weston Park Cancer Charity




Head of Integrated Commissioning
London Borough of Waltham Forest

Kristi is a fantastic coach ... very skilful at supporting you to define where you want to get to and the steps to get there. Warm, empathetic and a great communicator.

I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Kristi!



Chief Executive
Intensive Care Society

Kristi is a superb coach. She has a unique approach to life and work and is authentic in all that she says and does. I have known Kristi professionally for over 14 years and she has supported me (and the various teams I have managed) as a coach, trainer and facilitator. She always thinks from the clients perspective and really listens to your needs. I've found that Kristi has an amazing ability to analyse and synthesise information quickly and she asks insightful questions to solve work problems. I highly commend her to you. You'll never regret engaging her. 



Head of Care
Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

In October 2017 I was working as Head of Home Support & Family Activities volunteering at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice, enjoying my job, managing a team and dealing with staffing issues to the best of my ability. Looking back, I was lacking confidence and bravery and always felt that I could have been doing things differently. Little did I know that just around the corner was an opportunity that would change my life.  

I was one of several managers who was offered some individual management coaching with Kristi. I wanted coaching to help me become bolder and have the confidence and self-belief to know I was dealing with situations in a wise and assured way.

Coaching with Kristi was not rubbing an Aladdin’s lamp, it was better! The thoughts and ideas, bravery and confidence were there within me. They were gently extracted by Kristi asking exactly the right question at just the right moment. I visualised my head opening up and being able to look upon and probe my brain and discover bits I had no idea existed.

... Coaching with Kristi has changed my life and this is no exaggeration. As a manager I feel so much more confident and comfortable. I have had some really difficult situations to deal with and having explored why I have felt the way I have done, I have formulated plans and confidently followed them through.

My conversations within work, and in my personal life, are much more mindful and I now really think things through at a deeper level. It is difficult to vocalise why this should make so much difference, so I guess you would have to try it for yourselves to find out!

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice has benefited hugely from investing in my coaching. The charity now has a confident (on the inside as well as the outside) manager who is held up as an example of someone who manages her team well and handles issues in a sensitive yet assertive and confident way. I no longer avoid those awkward conversations; I face them head on in the knowledge I am being the best that I am able to be.

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