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Welcome to Attigo Coaching
& Development 


Creating time and space for public sector and not-for-profit professionals to be their best 

'Attigo' Means Achieve
Do you have enough time to achieve the things you want to do? 
Do you have enough resources to tap into? 
Do you have enough energy and focus to thrive?
We believe that everyone working in our ever-stretched health, social care and voluntary and community sectors has something unique and special to contribute and can achieve so much more, with the right support. We work alongside individuals and teams to  increase self-awareness, confidence, resilience and well-being, so that people acknowledge and embrace who they are and all they are capable of. In turn, positivity prevails and performance increases. Through our coaching and training programmes we inspire, support and empower people to be their best. Through our facilitation of meetings, workshops and events, we create safe spaces for people to thrive. 




Working alongside and supporting you to achieve the things that matter, so you can be your best

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Leadership Training

Creating a safe, energising space for you and your colleagues to explore how to be an authentic leader who listens, responds and is respected

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Facilitating your events, workshops and meetings so that you get what you want from them


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