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About Lucy

Hello. I'm Lucy, Attigo's Relationship Manager. Kristi and I work alongside each other and our Attigo associates, to make sure that we develop a relationship with you, that enables and empowers you to thrive. 
My interest in people and their experiences started at an early age, so I studied anthropology at university. I'm particularly interested in how our identity and experiences shape our views and understanding and therefore how we approach situations and relationships. 
University sparked a particular curiosity about how people live because of circumstance and/or choice, so I went on to undertake a masters in journalism, with a focus on documentary production.   My journalistic work and work with Attigo has helped me to define my objective which is to centre the voice and lived experience of people that may have otherwise gone unheard. 
Working with Attigo means I get to see first-hand the difference that being listened to and heard through coaching, has on individuals, teams and organisations. I also experience how Attigo brings people together in safe spaces through facilitation and training to celebrate and harness their individual and collective vision, strengths and assets. 
Our approach at Attigo is built on the foundation of connection, so please do get in touch with myself or Kristi to see what's possible! 

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